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Sales to Resellers and Bulk Buyers

The offers in our shop are mainly addressed to private and small commercial end users. Devices and parts, which are available in larger quantity, are also sold to dealers (resellers) and bulk purchasers. However, because of the permanently changing stock/offers we don't have separate price lists for these items. Instead, you can subscribe via the form below to our reseller mailing list and we'll send you our appropriate offers by email.

We are also brokering complete roll-out projects and surplus goods. If you mark the appropriate field below, we send you corresponding projects' descriptions by email. Please ask for further details by telephone or by email, if required.

Please also have a look at our current roll-out projects - if you are interested in participating and redistributing / buying the complete lot or parts of it, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please send your resellers' offers to:

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We are interested in:

All offers Streamers, backup hardware etc. Midrange systems (IBM, SUN, etc.)
Pentium III-PCs Pentium IV-PCs Monitors
Printers Photocopier, other office devices Networking devices
Other PC components Defective Hardware/RMA Software
Consumables (toner, inks, tapes, cartridges, etc.)
Yes, we'd like to receive offers for the purchase of complete roll-out projects and surplus goods.
Yes, we give permission for requesting us whether we can supply you with certain special devices.

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Note: Please note that we only include IT resellers and bulk purchasers, but no small commercial or private end user or other private persons into our mailing list.

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